AAU-SPHMMC-McGill Partnership for Infectious Diseases - AMP-ID



Getting Started

1. Tap the above "Download" button on your phone to install the 'Firstline - Clinical Decisions' app.

2. Select "Browse Guidance" and then choose choose "AMP-ID"

3. Sign In:

  • Enter your AMP-ID study protocol-registered email address
  • Retrieve the one-time password (OTP) sign-in code from your email
  • Enter the code into the Firstline app


Note: For desktop access, you should use a modern web-browser such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.

About the Study

Study Name

IMpact of mobilE cliNical dEcision support tooL on prescrIption behaviour and patient outComes in low-resource settings (menelic-1): A pilot trial of self-stewardship in Ethiopia

Study Objectives

To assess the impact of a bundle of interventions on physician prescription behaviour (quality of prescriptions) and patient outcomes. The intervention being tested in this component of the study is the app. The study is being conducted in 2 hospitals in Ethiopia: Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital (TASH), and St Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC).

Review and Approval

The study has been approved by the Institutional Ethics Boards of: AAU-CHS, St Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, and Research-Institute McGill University Health Centre.