Adult and pediatric antimicrobial stewardship guidance for healthcare providers in Colorado

Getting started on mobile

1. Tap the above "Download" button on your phone to install the 'Firstline - Clinical Decisions' app.

2. Select "Browse Guidance"

  • For adult guidance choose "Denver Health".
  • For pediatric guidance choose "Children's Hospital Colorado".

3. To switch between versions, tap the Firstline logo in the left corner. Select the other version from the list of locations.

Mobilizing to defeat antimicrobial resistance together

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is affecting people we love and care for right here in our community. But we are ready to take charge.

Experts from Children’s Hospital Colorado and Denver Health have provided their adult and pediatric antimicrobial stewardship guidance for free to all healthcare providers in Colorado.

As a prescriber of antibiotics your decisions have a profound effect on the people we love and care for. You have the power to improve patient outcomes, protect antimicrobials, and curb the spread of drug-resistant infections by leveraging local, evidenced-based guidance.

This project has been made possible by Pfizer Global Bridges grant and the Colorado Department of Health.