Firstline updates
Firstline updates

Sparkling new Web Version of Firstline








🎉 Today we have released a huge update to the web version of Firstline!

Firstline is designed to be the point-of-care decision support tool on all platforms. Following on the heels of recent mobile updates, we have a transformational update for the web.

This release is the result of many months of design, development, testing and iteration. The interface has been crafted with a strong family resemblance to the mobile app, but reflects the unique DNA of the web.

Improvements include a clean new design that enhances information hierarchy, visual consistency, improved heuristics, and significantly improved performance across the board. And did we mention how pretty it is?


👉 See the new version here:

Over coming weeks we'll be lavishing even more development time on Firstline for the web.

v4.0.1 - Bookmarks + improved Sign-in






Today we released new versions for iOS and Android (v4.0.1) which include a number of workflow improvements and a new mobile app user feature:

• We're excited to introduce Bookmarks! - Here is how to bookmark your favourite content for quick reference:

  1. Tap on Actions (3 dots top right of screen)
  2. Sign-in/create an account
  3. Bookmark the resource you are browsing!

That's it!

The Bookmarks icon is in the bottom navigation to keep all your content close at hand. Happy bookmarking!


• Also new today, a cleaner and more intuitive sign-in experience for Firstline mobile users.

Version 4 of Firstline mobile app available






A lot of things have changed in this release of the mobile app! Here are the highlights:

  • A new UI has been implemented and the mobile app has a fresh look. Those paying attention will notice a new splash screen, plus many new UI elements like generic and expandable content headers, buttons, scrollable sections, etc.;

  • This release delivers more design consistency across the mobile app, as well as improvements in stability for mobile users;

  • New! Recently viewed Guidelines, Antimicrobials and Pathogens now display on the mobile app homescreen for (even!) easier access to information.

Performance has been improved and Firstline v4.0 mobile app will feel snappier than ever before.


We're starting a features + updates changelog!

Sharing all the goodness of the new and improved in Firstline




Big news today, we're starting to share news of changes across the Firstline platform so it's easy to keep up to date with all the new features and improvements as we release them.

A lot of value in Firstline comes to you in the smaller details. Those details in design, technology or content are sometimes easy to miss. Sometimes they're even intended to be missed as we help you get on with the job at hand. Well, the changelog is here to shine a light on the small but important stuff too!

We'll be sharing individual updates with you via the mobile app and web version of Firstline. The list of all things we've changed from now onwards will available on our public updates page at