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Our story started in 2015 when we learned how hard it was for antimicrobial stewardship experts to deliver changing clinical guidance to their providers in a way that was easy to use at the point of care. As a result, doctors weren’t consistently making the best prescribing choices. With our expertise in information design and technology, we built a clinical knowledge platform that has become an indispensable tool for hospitals in the treatment of all infectious diseases. Healthcare organizations using our platform see more appropriate prescribing, better compliance to changing medical guidance and improved infection prevention and control.

We’ve worked hard to provide an exceptional user experience for Infectious Disease experts and providers, making them more efficient and effective. Word of mouth triggered rapid adoption of Firstline which now has a loyal, growing user base and is the highest-rated mobile app for Infectious Diseases.

The biggest testament to our success has been the wide range of partnerships and referrals we have seen within the Infectious Diseases and healthcare community. In addition to our extensive hospital client base, Firstline partners with leading healthcare organizations around the world including the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and Government health organizations such as NY State Department of Health and the Public Health Administration of Canada.

Healthcare organizations using Firstline

Our mission is to help solve humanity’s greatest health challenges by bringing people and knowledge together.

In the news.

“The New York City Department of Health has become so concerned about drug-resistant U.T.I.s, as they are widely known, that it introduced a new mobile phone app this month that gives doctors and nurses access to a list of strains of urinary tract infections and which drugs they are resistant to.”

Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering.

“Different groups are taking new approaches to tackle those high rates, including an antimicrobial stewardship at Eastern Health committed to reducing the amount of antibiotic prescriptions in the province. One way the team is trying to achieve that is with a new app, called Firstline.”

N.L. has a problem with prescription meds — here's what's being done about it

“Doctors across New Brunswick will soon have a new app to help them combat the COVID-19 outbreak, say experts. The Firstline app will provide clear guidelines on what tests to do, what infection control to carry out, what treatments to provide, and how to manage common complications such as lung problems, said Dr. Gordon Dow, the division head of infectious diseases at the Moncton Hospital. 'I think it's going to be significant,' said Dow.”

New app will help New Brunswick doctors combat COVID-19

“I am pleased to recognize the 2016 LEADing Practice award recipients for their tremendous efforts in leading the implementation of digital health to improve outcomes... and I commend these organizations for their leadership to transform health care delivery.”

Health Care Organizations Recognized for their Clinical Leadership

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Come work with us.

Working at Firstline you will contribute to our mission to help solve humanity’s greatest health challenges by bringing people and knowledge together. We’re building a culture that embraces kindness, collaboration, creativity and support, and one where difference is valued. We align our business strategies on doing the right thing. So, we are creating an environment where everyone from any background can feel comfortable and do their best work. Our team is growing fast and we have world-changing initiatives already on the go. We’re not kidding, working here you will be able to see the positive difference your work makes around the world.

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