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Our mission is to help solve humanity’s greatest health challenges by bringing people and knowledge together.

Firstline is a health technology company with a mission to help solve humanity’s greatest health challenges by bringing people and knowledge together. We pursue this through web and mobile software that accelerates the flow of local experts' clinical knowledge to frontline healthcare providers. Commonly known as clinical decision support, our platform also facilitates previously impossible levels of knowledge transfer between otherwise disconnected clinical experts everywhere in the world.

We are leaders in information design and technology, and have deep experience in applying those skills to communication of vetted clinical guidance to the point of care. Our core clinical competency is Infectious Diseases, and AMR in particular.

Fundamental to all we do is the belief that the clinician at the point of care should have the best tools, and the expert local knowledge they need to make the best treatment decisions. We strive to build software that elevates our values: trust, beauty, clarity, usability, and impact. A relentless focus on providing an exceptional user experience has enabled us to grow rapidly through word of mouth and referrals. Healthcare is famously a design-free zone, where the needs of the clinician are frequently deferred. Firstline has always stood out as understanding that good design is not simply a competitive advantage, but a vital ingredient in the effective dissemination of knowledge.

We work with organisations ranging from a single hospital distributing local clinical guidance, through to the World Health Organization distributing apex global infectious disease information.

Firstline is the lander that every clinical moonshot needs. We provide the right knowledge, at the right moment, to clinicians at the point of care.

Founded in 2015, Firstline is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and is privately held by its founders and employees.

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Jason Buck
Chief Strategy Officer

Jason leans on over 20 years of commercial experience to coordinate Firstline's non-organic growth strategy through partnerships with government and international organizations. The architect of Firstline's software platform, he still guides the talented Firstline product development team. Prior to Firstline, Jason led an e-commerce venture, creating and evolving partnerships with some of the most respected corporations in the UK.

Michael Campsall
Chief Marketing Officer

Michael’s background is in education and mobile app development and he has been the lead mobile developer of a number of successful applications, including the official app of the International Olympic Committee. As Firstline has grown, Michael has transitioned from mobile development into leading Firstline’s marketing and community engagement initiatives.

Cyrus Greenall
Chief Commercial Officer

Cyrus studied Computer Science at the University of Victoria and has worked in the software industry for 11 years, leading software teams at several companies including Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. Cyrus leads the company’s sales and business development efforts, working closely with client partners to get local clinical knowledge into the hands of their providers.

Dr. Michael Long
Chief Clinical Officer

Michael completed his PhD in the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research at the University of Toronto. At Firstline, Michael leads the clinical content and information design team, bridging the worlds of research, healthcare, knowledge translation and technology.

For all enquiries, please email [email protected]

For visual assets, including logos, product visuals, and brand guidelines, see our Press Kit.

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