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Firstline is delivering free access to the WHO's gold standard antibiotic prescribing guidance. Please help spread the word.

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The WHO AWaRe Antibiotic Book is available now on Firstline.

The powerful combination of new WHO guidance and the Firstline app has the potential to improve global health for billions of people and preserve vital medicines for all. To move the needle on a global scale, AMR experts, advocates, prescribers, and policymakers need to be engaged and encouraged to take action and use the guidance.

We need your help. Your voice is powerful. Advocates like you are trusted and respected. This is a watershed moment for antimicrobial stewardship, and your support will make all the difference.

This toolkit is a guide providing customizable social media posts, graphics, and more to enable anyone to support and share the message. Use social media, or your communication of choice, to raise awareness of this free resource.

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Message #1

Get WHO Guidance

For Antimicrobial stewards, team leaders, and providers.
As providers who handle antimicrobials, you have an important role to play to steward these precious resources. Use and share the new WHO AWaRe Antibiotic Book with colleagues far and wide, and encourage them to do the same.

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Suggested Messages

The health implications of #AMR are severe, global, worsening and require immediate action.
Using the new @WHO guidance for prescribing antimicrobials on @Firstline is an action that prescribers in every country can take today.

#AMR is an intensifying pandemic, more deadly than Malaria or HIV/AIDS. Play your part, use expert guidance to make the right antibiotic prescribing decisions.

New @WHO AWaRe antibiotic guidance is available on mobile on @Firstline.

#AMR is a global health emergency, associated with 5M deaths per year. It’s time to act.
Using the new @WHO AWaRe Antibiotic Book available on @Firstline is an action we can take today to preserve our antimicrobials and save lives.


The wait is finally over! For the first time, the WHO has created evidence-based clinical guidance for prescribing antibiotics - the AWaRe Antibiotic Book. The guidance is now available on Firstline, open access in all countries. Institutional guidelines are still preferred as they include local factors such as resistance patterns and formulary. However, this is a great complementary tool to fill in potential gaps in existing guidance. If widely used, this new resource can improve antibiotic prescribing, reduce antimicrobial resistance, and save millions of lives. I hope you will take a look and share with others who should see this!

Message #2

Move the Needle on AMR

For global health policy stakeholders, government officials, and AMR advocates.
As global leaders, you are the power brokers that can move the needle on AMR. Please use your influence to maximize the global reach of the new WHO guidance on Firstline and continue to build momentum for action against AMR.

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Suggested Messages

Most national Action Plans on AMR include localized stewardship guidance, but still little has been done. New @WHO AWaRe Antibiotic Book fills critical gaps in guidance and is accessible on @Firstline.

We have the action plans, it’s time to act.

Investing in action against #AMR is investing in our future - the benefits far outweigh the costs. The @WHO AWaRe guidance on @Firstline will improve antibiotic prescribing, saving countless lives & generating transformative savings for healthcare systems.

Great to see Canadian 🇨🇦 innovators at @Firstline amplify efforts to fight AMR through a partnership with the @WHO!
Firstline is distributing the new AWaRe Antibiotic Book on its mobile platform so it can be accessed at the point of care, worldwide.

Email Template

Stewardship of existing antimicrobials is just as essential as drug discovery and increased access to medicines in the fight against AMR. The new WHO AWaRe Antibiotic Book aims to improve empiric antimicrobial selection, and is now available on mobile devices on Firstline. Unprecedented access to the new WHO guidance will combat global AMR by significantly improving antibiotic prescribing, resulting in better outcomes for millions of patients, and saving healthcare systems vast sums of money. Let’s grasp this opportunity to support this great initiative and get this into the hands of providers everywhere.

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